Subway Buy n Fly

Project: Subway Buy n Fly


Increase frequency of purchase at Subway fast food outlets in the UK.

Mongoose Services:

While the client wished to drive repeat visitation they did not want to engage with a collector mechanic, instead depending upon the quality of the prizes to encourage repeat visits.

The campaign we created mixed small, instant Subway rewards (such as a free coffee or a cookie) with “big ticket” travel prizes including trips to Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Cancun as well as weekend breaks in the UK.

The instant win mechanic ensured a degree of theatre and excitement was created at sites while the claim mechanism for larger prizes required proof of purchase upload and code-based verification ensured security.

Mongoose wrote all legal copy and arranged all travel as well as performing the administration and fulfilment of the competition.

The Result:

Unfortunately client’s don’t always share the results of our campaigns against their pre-determined targets though when they don’t it tends to mean a promotion has been very successful!

What we do know is that we had some very happy travellers!

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