A bit About us...

Mongoose are one of those agencies you might not have heard of but you’ve certainly been exposed to our work.  We’re the people who help agencies and corporate clients alike apply their brilliant creative ideas to real-world promotional campaigns to maximise impact and return on investment. 

If you like, we’re the “doers” to the creative world’s “thinkers”.


Take all of the elements that go together to make great sales promotion campaigns such as UX design, digital production, Third Party Partnership negotiation and contracting, fulfilment and customer services.

Our project management teams excel in creating great promotions from start to finish, however we also take on the individual elements of promotional campaigns for our clients allowing you to outsource the elements of your promotion that aren’t being done elsewhere!


Creating new revenue streams for leisure clients…

Mongoose are responsible for creating millions of pounds of new income for a range of our leisure partners, we could do the same for you.

How do we do it?  As a regular supplier of rewards, prizes and negotiated partnerships to brands and agencies in the sales promotion and benefits markets we’ve helped third parties generate meaningful new revenues from both new and existing customers.

We can do the same for you.

Our work

Subway Buy n Fly

Subway Buy n Fly

While the client wished to drive repeat visitation they did not want to engage with a collector mechanic, instead depending upon…
Sweet Sundays Switzerland

Sweet Sundays Switzerland

While the user journey was set (as a result of the successful UK promotion), Mongoose were required to identify and source…
Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Mongoose were engaged by Disney to design and create a simple digital platform to capture entries gained through various media…

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Got a question, enquiry or fancy joining Team Mongoose? We’re always looking for new additions to the Mongoose burrow. Are you a hungry & motivated sales person or passionate & energetic activation specialist? We’d love to hear from you.