Our approach

We always start by getting under your skin.  What we mean by that is that we believe we can only satisfy your needs by first understanding them and the particular challenges (that always exist) of your business.  We also get under the skin of your customers to understand what incentivises them and why they love your products and services.

Once we understand you and your customers we work with you to find out what you truly want to achieve.

Only then will we create solutions for you.  It could well be that you need us to build the entire campaign for you including creative execution, online and social activity, or it could be that you simply need someone who’s brilliant at managing the fulfilment of your promotion, fundamentally we use our experience through the whole promotional process, or at key points throughout it to deliver effective campaigns and meet your business objectives.

We're small, nimble and agile, but with the backing and support network of themission group which means that we access expertise in sponsorship, design, planning, digital, in fact the full marketing mix.

Get in touch

Got a question, enquiry or fancy joining Team Mongoose? We’re always looking for new additions to the Mongoose burrow. Are you a hungry & motivated sales person or passionate & energetic activation specialist? We’d love to hear from you.